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A Writing Blog Tour

I’ve been tagged in a writing blog tour – aimed at those of us who write for a living.  I don’t write novels or fiction, but I do write reports for my clients, which is why mymumdom has included me.… continue reading »

Places to write – a thank you

I’ve always preferred writing out of the house.  This is probably because I’m a terrible housewife and hate mess only slightly less than I hate doing anything about it.  Consequently I sit around, wallowing and fuming, being generally distracted.  And… continue reading »

Help! I’m living with someone I hate, and no-one else likes them either

This week’s clinic is on characters – and more specifically – how to make them the right blend of believable, likable, and entertaining. When starting to write, a lot of authors fall into the trap of the Perfect Protagonist.  They like… continue reading »

Did I say November?

The mug quotes Douglas Adams, and is particularly apt for me today.  I’m sorry – my ‘write an e-book in a month and get it online’ was laughably optimistic – even before I factored in the Half Term Factor (which… continue reading »

Writing my own e-book

Never let it be said that I don’t go the extra mile for my clients… I may have mentioned before, I’m somewhere between a Luddite and an I-Addict.  I love new technology once I’ve got the hang of it, but… continue reading »

Creative Writing Workshops

A new venture for the Book Analyst, I am setting up a local creative writing group, focused on enjoying the writing experience and loosening up writer’s block.  Our first session was a great success, as we concentrated on characters and… continue reading »

About me

I’ve had over 20 years of experience in publishing and bookselling. I’ve been a freelancer for 15 years for a variety of professional clients (including literary agents, publishers, Reader’s Digest, and literary scouts), and aspiring authors. I am a regular… continue reading »