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Holiday reading summer 2013

It’s going to be a kindle only holiday for me this year.  My husband’s plan has worked very well and I have been stocking up electronically for the last few months.  There was one small flaw – actually make that… continue reading »

Why I don’t feel bad about getting rid of books

I’m having a purge.  This is part of my great decluttering project, which began just over two years ago (with professional help) when we moved back into a renovated house.  It is a lovely house now, but for some reason… continue reading »

Don’t forget your holiday reading prescription

I went to a party on Friday night and was in great demand.  Flattering, but normal this time of year, when people get the chance to do some full-on reading – not just the snatched 10 pages before sleep kicks… continue reading »

Happy Summer Kindle

I’ve taken my Kindle away for a two week holiday.  It was back in April, but that was our big holiday for the year, and I have some thoughts on how it works as a holiday reading tool. It’s the… continue reading »

Holiday reads

I’m off on holiday shortly and very soon I shall be lying down somewhere warm, with someone else bringing me drinks (‘why yes, yes I can manage another mojito – thank you so much for asking’), under several layers of… continue reading »

Making progress, very very slowly

Today I have made huge strides. I’ve doubled my word count (200 to 400 words). I’ve logged onto Amazon and created an author account.  The account bit is easy, for the bank account details you will need your IBAN number… continue reading »

Are you an e-author or are you for real?

Since I got a Kindle for my birthday, I’ve been exploring self-published e-books, a part of the publishing industry that had escaped me up until then. In the past if you wanted to self-publish you had to pay a fair bit of… continue reading »