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Threading your plot through your novel

In some ways, it doesn’t look like much.  Just a set of scrawled, crossed out columns on a scrappy piece of file paper.  It’s actually a section of JK Rowling’s plotting for HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX.… continue reading »

Holiday reading summer 2013

It’s going to be a kindle only holiday for me this year.  My husband’s plan has worked very well and I have been stocking up electronically for the last few months.  There was one small flaw – actually make that… continue reading »

JK Rowing’s secret life

UPDATED TO ADD REVIEW It’s just come to light that a well-reviewed crime writer, Robert Galbraith, is actually JK Rowling, writing without the full glare of expectation and scrutiny – and doing rather well.  (Doing rather well for a first time crime… continue reading »

The questions I always get asked

When I tell people what my job is, I get a variety of            responses.  This blog post is an attempt to answer those responses…       No, I did not turn down J.K. Rowling.… continue reading »

Have you read it yet?

JK Rowling has been prepared for the worst.  In a rare interview with the Guardian she imagines readers of her first adult novel telling her ‘that’s shockingly bad- back to wizards for you’ – but she is fairly sanguine.  Being… continue reading »