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What’s a review worth?

  If self-publishing means everyone can be a writer, then the internet means anyone can be a critic.  There’s something intoxicating about being asked for your opinion on everything you buy, from batteries to Christmas turkey.  Do you succumb?  What… continue reading »

Quirky Christmas Books (or everything you won’t find in an Amazon sale)

I’m not going to lie.  The reason Amazon has a smile on the box currently has a lot to do with my last week’s shopping habits (mostly not books though).   I’m thinking of making my next invoice out just… continue reading »

Happy Summer Kindle

I’ve taken my Kindle away for a two week holiday.  It was back in April, but that was our big holiday for the year, and I have some thoughts on how it works as a holiday reading tool. It’s the… continue reading »

Making progress, very very slowly

Today I have made huge strides. I’ve doubled my word count (200 to 400 words). I’ve logged onto Amazon and created an author account.  The account bit is easy, for the bank account details you will need your IBAN number… continue reading »