Insider information in this blog from the editor of The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook and guest experts – including myself.

Trade magazine for the publishing and bookselling industry

Excellent independent bookseller based in Ely and Bath with good events programme.

A group for anyone who shares an enthusiasm for creative writing, with an online presence, but also monthly London meetings.

A challenge for any writer, this encourages you to churn out an incredible number of words in a month.  Give it a go.

A new venture of co-operation between readers and authors.

Joanna Penn’s powerhouse of information for self-published authors.

Copy-editor and proof-reader, particularly useful for self-publishing authors.

Copy-editor and proof-reader – lots of experience.

Bespoke translation services.

Offers a range of services for authors, including copy-editing and proof-reading.

Book reviews – a paid service for self-published authors at a reasonable price but the review remains objective.

Annie Percik Editing Services

Editor offering proof-reading and copy-editing.

Please contact me on with any queries.

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