Is there a Book in My Blog?

Can I turn my blog into a book?

A burning question for many bloggers, this is one I can help you answer.  This new service is open to any regular blogger.

Simply send me your top three blog posts, a mission statement (50 words or less), and a description of your typical follower (and follower numbers).  In return, I’ll send you a report that looks at your writing style, what book potential your blog has, and what you can do to improve your chances.

As always – I cannot guarantee publication, but I can offer honest and helpful advice from a professional.

Pricing – £35 per blog report.

You will also receive a code that qualifies you for a further 10% discount on my other editorial services.



Having one’s work critiqued is a bit like a visit to the dentist for a root canal – necessary, but daunting. For a thorough, direct and honest appraisal of your work, take it to The Book Analyst. You will walk away from that initial outlay knowing the potentially good, the bad and the can be improved upon. Whatever the verdict, you leave with a feeling of immense gratification that someone has obviously taken the time to understand your work before the proverbial red pen even leaves its holster. I take recommendations very seriously, since it calls into play my own reputation and powers of deduction. I recommend the professional services of The Book Analyst.

Melinda Sealy Fargo

Author of the ‘HerMelness Speaks…Out’ Opinionating Blog


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