Don’t forget your holiday reading prescription

I went to a party on Friday night and was in great demand.  Flattering, but normal this time of year, when people get the chance to do some full-on reading – not just the snatched 10 pages before sleep kicks… continue reading »

A year of living with a Kindle – statistics

  I had an attack of organisation today and got my tax return in early.  One of the joys of being self-employed is that I can legitimately claim the cost of all the books I buy as an expense. In previous years… continue reading »

Happy Summer Kindle

I’ve taken my Kindle away for a two week holiday.  It was back in April, but that was our big holiday for the year, and I have some thoughts on how it works as a holiday reading tool. It’s the… continue reading »

The Wolf Princess – dreamy adventure for children

I’ve been reading a lot of work by authors who are trying to write for the 8-12 year old market recently, so when I noticed some Twitter buzz about THE WOLF PRINCESS by Cathryn Constable, I asked for a proof… continue reading »

How important is money in books?

Musing still further on the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY phenomenon it has occurred to me that the female readers may be less interested in Christian Grey’s Red Room, and more interested in his Black Amex. Let’s imagine this scenario for a moment.… continue reading »

If it keeps up this rain – you’re going to need this list..

Before I went away at Easter, I loaded up my Kindle with about 40 books.  I read most of them – despite the fact we had a fantastically sunny and warm holiday.  It’s just what I do.  It rains –… continue reading »

50 shades of potential

You’d have to be tied up in a velvet-lined dungeon not to have heard the publishing buzz over FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and its two sequels.  Initially published online as ‘fan-fic’ – fan fiction – the author got picked up… continue reading »

Exploitation or Service?

 Peter Cox – founder of the Redhammer literary agency and author-support resource, has a blistering article in this week’s Bookseller, accusing publishers and others of creating a ‘slushpile industry’.  I’ve quoted him in italics. ‘Our industry appears to have declared… continue reading »

I’ve been distracted but I’m all geared up for Cybher now

Holidays, a significant birthday, some horrendous computer hiccups and a nasty cold have all contributed to a lack of posts.  I’m going to get back in to a more regular blogging routine, so look out for a run-down on that… continue reading »

See you at the London Book Fair?

I shall be at the London Book Fair this year with the lovely Louise Jordan from the Writers’ Advice Centre.  Louise helps authors who are writing for children with editorial advice, and I do some work with her. We will… continue reading »

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