What’s the point in short stories?

Sometimes an author contacts me and my heart sinks.  I promise this is rare.  The heart-sink moment is prompted by the author telling me that they write in poetry or they write short stories, and that they have great plans… continue reading »

My day at the LBF 2013

 In another life I used to be a Rights Manager.  Book Fairs consisted of 3-5 days (depending on where they were) of back-to-back meetings every 15 mins, explaining the concepts of colour therapy and alien abduction to bemused Ukrainian publishers. Now I… continue reading »

Sex South of the river

I was delighted to be asked to speak at the excellent Eroticon 2013, run by the very talented Ruby Kiddell of WriteSexRight. But it was south of the river.  I’m a committed north-londoner (in exile admittedly).  I got off the… continue reading »

Ways not to attend a talk about a crazed stalker

Do not turn up late so that you have to walk past everyone huffing and puffing from three flights of stairs (got lost in the middle of London Fashion Week which was setting up next door). Do not wear sandals… continue reading »

Why I don’t feel bad about getting rid of books

I’m having a purge.  This is part of my great decluttering project, which began just over two years ago (with professional help) when we moved back into a renovated house.  It is a lovely house now, but for some reason… continue reading »

Quirky Christmas Books (or everything you won’t find in an Amazon sale)

I’m not going to lie.  The reason Amazon has a smile on the box currently has a lot to do with my last week’s shopping habits (mostly not books though).   I’m thinking of making my next invoice out just… continue reading »

Sifting NaNoWriMo for Gold

Are you signed up to NaNoWriMo this month?  If you’re not, you’re about 12 days too late (get writing..).  As you’ll see from the link, the idea is get 50,000 words written in 30 days.  The benefit of this sort… continue reading »

Places to write – a thank you

I’ve always preferred writing out of the house.  This is probably because I’m a terrible housewife and hate mess only slightly less than I hate doing anything about it.  Consequently I sit around, wallowing and fuming, being generally distracted.  And… continue reading »

Have you read it yet?

JK Rowling has been prepared for the worst.  In a rare interview with the Guardian she imagines readers of her first adult novel telling her ‘that’s shockingly bad- back to wizards for you’ – but she is fairly sanguine.  Being… continue reading »

Creative Writing Workshop

I hold an occasional writing workshop in Cambridgeshire (where I live) which is aimed at everyone, no previous experience or current body of work needed. We work through various exercises which focus on different areas – such as description, characters,… continue reading »

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