The questions I always get asked


When I tell people what my job is, I get a variety of            responses.  This blog post is an attempt to answer those responses…




No, I did not turn down J.K. Rowling.  But I don’t judge those who did.  The version that got turned down was not the edited one that got published, it probably had some work that needed doing.  The publishers  she found were right for the book, any one of the others might not have been.

Yes it’s lovely getting to read all day and get paid for it.  The enjoyment does vary depending on what I have to read though.

Yes I still read for pleasure – compulsively in fact.

No, I don’t feel tempted to write a book, I don’t have the talent or the stamina.

No, I don’t say nice things to be kind to an author.  It’s not kind to praise something that they’re not doing right, yet.

Yes, I feel qualified to do this job.  Over 3o years of reading non-stop, and over 20 years of working in the publishing and book industries.

No, getting published is not about who you know.  It’s about how you write.  It really is that simple.

Yes, there’s every point in getting writing advice, everyone can improve.

No, I don’t get out much, this is the ideal job for an agoraphobic sun-allergic hermit (I’m only one of those).

Any other questions you’d like to ask?




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June 5, 2013

One response to The questions I always get asked

  1. Jack Collier said:

    Nice, to the point, insightful. You could have said that talent matters?