Places to write – a thank you

I’ve always preferred writing out of the house.  This is probably because I’m a terrible housewife and hate mess only slightly less than I hate doing anything about it.  Consequently I sit around, wallowing and fuming, being generally distracted.  And I have to make my own coffee.

Today I’d like to thank three places I regularly go to to write that suit me perfectly – and may suit you too if you’re in the area.  No money or goods have changed hands for these reviews, and they are my own unvarnished opinions.  (I will gracefully accept coffees in recompense though…).

My first spot is very local to me – CJ’s Cafe in Waterbeach.  It only has two booths but is perfectly situated on the village green.  CJ (Cheryl) makes terrific hot food (all kinds of all-day breakfast) at very good prices, decent if not spectacular coffee, and service is always friendly.  I use CJ’s very specifically if I need to turn off the internet as they don’t have WiFi and that concentrates the mind wonderfully.

Slightly further afield is Caffe Nero’s in Ely.  One of my favourite chains anyway, this light and airy cafe offers plugs for your laptop, and also free WiFi -so allows for frequent browsing and writing.  Coffee excellent, chairs comfortable, and very close to the lovely Topping & Co Bookshop for browsing if you decide you need to do more research.



I’m often in London and needing to work inbetween meetings, and have various good spots – but a new one is The Merchant of Bishopsgate, a cafe/pub/wine-bar/ restaurant right in Liverpool Street Station.  It’s a home from home (if my home was stocked with delicious food and helpful serving staff of course).  They offer a range of nibbly snacks, perfect for grazing on as you work, along with bigger meals, good coffee, and very good booze for when your writing isn’t going as well.  They also offer plugs and free wi-fi and I got three reports written up last time I was there.

Where do you go to write or read?  Which establishments would you like to thank?

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October 1, 2012

3 responses to Places to write – a thank you

  1. Cheryl aka C J's Cafe on the Green said:

    Thanks for the blog for cafe, all except the’greasy spoon’ remark.I do my upmost to veer away from that very description !!

  2. admin said:

    Apologies Cheryl, I’ve changed it. It was meant as a compliment though!

  3. Cheryl aka C J;s Cafe said: