Creative Writing Workshop

I hold an occasional writing workshop in Cambridgeshire (where I live) which is aimed at everyone, no previous experience or current body of work needed.

We work through various exercises which focus on different areas – such as description, characters, or plot development – and everyone reads out their efforts.

This month we were writing about feet, then trying our hands at haikus (which none of us had written before – at least in English  – one of the attendees had written them in Japanese), then looking at using a colour to convey an emotion.

Everyone was very pleased with the haikus – although you can find yourself with haiku hangover – where everything has to be in haiku form – so I’m putting a few sample ones up.

Our haikus were inspired by feet – and by this picture of a cat.  The cat was seen as a retired major type pontificating on mice capture, a hungry cat, and a superior owner of a human.


I am a hungry cat

Sniffing smell

mmmm, meal is fish! – Mayumi


Cat may look at me

Whiskers point elegantly 

Queen in a fur coat. – Cressi


Tiny toes curl downwards

Trapping Grandad’s knotted ancient

finger in their vice. – Dave


Foot on a pedal

Too fast to follow, flies past

Pushes, gone away – Chris


Feel free to add your own feet, cat, or even cat feet haikus in the comments.

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September 6, 2012

9 responses to Creative Writing Workshop

  1. Violet said:

    Kitten lays asleep
    Face pushing into pillow
    Claws still carry pain

  2. Katherine said:

    velvet slippers
    soft and padding
    turning to razors
    sharp and slicing

  3. Judy said:

    Wish I lived nearer so I could attend. Love Dave’s effort.

  4. Elizabeth said:

    Nose pushed against glass
    Thinking about my supper
    Internet walrus

  5. foot fetish said:

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