Happy Summer Kindle

I’ve taken my Kindle away for a two week holiday.  It was back in April, but that was our big holiday for the year, and I have some thoughts on how it works as a holiday reading tool.

No room for clothes in the old days

It’s the big selling point isn’t it?  That you can leave all those heavy bulky books at home and just take one light device, with enough reading to last you a lifetime.  So was it a perfect experience?  Well yes – and no.

It was great to have space in my case for a change, and I didn’t spend the first day of the holiday realigning my spine after squeezing as many books as possible into hand luggage.

Can now fit in all sorts of extras

I had loaded it with 40 new books (focusing on ones I’d always wanted to read, books recommended to me on twitter, or the Daily Deal cheap options) and that should have been enough.

It worked very well in the glare of the sun (not going to be a problem if you’re holidaying in the UK) but isn’t remotely waterproof.  With a traditional summer read, you do at least have the option of hanging a sodden paperback out to dry overnight and then that lovely crinkly paper reading experience.

Not entirely an accurate representation of my legs. Think whiter, or redder – depending on whether it was the beginning or the end of the holiday

So what wasn’t so good?  Well the first shock was being told to turn it off for takeoff.  ‘No electronic devices on please’.  ‘But, but..’ I wailed, ‘it’s not CONNECTED to anything!’.  They didn’t care.  I hate takeoff – and rely on reading to distract myself.  I was stuck with the inflight magazine…

Almost everyone around the pool was reading either on a Kindle or on an Ipad.  I couldn’t see what was being read, which was hugely frustrating.  There was also no chance to share what I’d just read with the Other Half – not without giving up my only reading device.

My big grumble though – and I hope Amazon are reading – is that you don’t have access to a back of the book blurb without having to go online to ‘read more about this book’. As each book just opens up into the first page, it doesn’t even jog your memory with the cover.  I realise now just how much I rely on the cover and blurb to judge whether I’m in the mood for that particular title, particularly if I bought it two months ago.  Can this be amended?  Or is there some easy way to see a blurb without connectivity that I’m just failing to see – if so please enlighten me!

But overall, it worked.  And when I panicked that I’d gone through the books too quickly (suddenly much more independent children) – I simply connected, bought another ten, and subsided back down on the lounger with a sigh of relief.

Are you taking your new Kindle on holiday?  What are you loading it up with?

PS – While Amazon is listening – a retrival noise would be good.  I often lose temporarily misplace the Kindle – and then I’m totally without reading material.  Maybe if you yell ‘OH KINDLE’ and it replies something like ‘Yes Master?’…  Just a thought


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July 3, 2012

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