The Wolf Princess – dreamy adventure for children

I’ve been reading a lot of work by authors who are trying to write for the 8-12 year old market recently, so when I noticed some Twitter buzz about THE WOLF PRINCESS by Cathryn Constable, I asked for a proof from publishers Chicken House.  It won’t be published until October, so sorry to whet your appetite so early!

It arrived in a gauze bag, with sparkly purple ‘diamonds’.  The Daughter was thrilled.  I spent a lot of time picking them up from the floor…

As it attracted The Daughter’s attention, I thought I’d let her read it first.  She’s nine, good at reading but not that interested in it, and has devoured Harry Potter, Enid Blyton, and is having Philip Pullman read aloud to her at the moment.   In her words, here is her review:

I enjoyed reading THE WOLF PRINCESS because there was always something happening.  I think children aged 7-10 will enjoy this thrilling adventure most.  When  Sophie goes to St Petersburg, it feels like you’re there too due to the wonderful descriptive language. – Lyra Whyte

For my part, it had echoes of A LITTLE PRINCESS, with Sophie the poor orphaned child at boarding school, and once it moves to Russia, the author handled the girls’ confusion within a beautiful but dangerous environment wonderfully.  There was just the right blend of reality and fantasy – and it has left the way open for the author to write more about Sophie and her unravelling of her family’s Royal history.

If you’re trying to write for children in this age group, remember to keep the adventure moving along, and an exotic and beautiful location that’s well depicted will take the reader into that other world of their imagination.

What books for this age group have you enjoyed?



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July 2, 2012

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  1. Angela Sunde said:

    A very helpful review and thanks for your advice, as yes, I am writing for children in this age group.