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I was waiting at Kings Cross the other day (admiring the shiny new concourse) when it suddenly occurred to me to look down for a minute.

Now I’m not a shoe person.  My mother is – and, much to my horror, my daughter is.  They can spend hours admiring racks in shoe-shops and debating the benefits of this shoe over that shoe.  I tend to shop once my current pair have fallen apart. I favour watertight as a key shoe attribute.

Anyway, I’d been running a workshop on characters and it suddenly struck me that people tend to be very careful about how the clothes they were portray an element of themselves, but are sometimes less careful about their shoes.

Try this – the next time you’re somewhere busy – look down and just watch shoes for a bit.  Any shoe that looks remotely interesting, look up and see if you’ve guessed the owner correctly.  There were a lot of surprises and some very entertaining combinations.

What shoes do your characters wear – and why?

(Oh – and if you’re at Kings Cross, don’t forget to look up too – it’s beautiful up there).

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March 30, 2012

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